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This book has had seven 5-Star reviews on Amazon. It also received a Pacific Book Review Star awarded to books of excellent merit and is recommended by U. S. Review of Books.


One of the reviews on Amazon is significant of the value of this book. This is it:


Joan Groves has written an endearing story about the importance of knowing exactly where we belong. “Where Is My Home?” is a book that speaks to the universal need for acceptance and belonging; and captures that unique feeling that “there’s no place like home.” It shows how original judgements can be replaced with empathy, understanding, and second chances.


I love the character of Sonic the cat, who demonstrates that all can be lost, and everything can be taken from us, yet strength of spirit is within our choice and acts as an internal compass to guide and sustain us as we find our way. Bravo!


Because I also like sharing children’s books with adults, I would also find it a tender tale to open the door to discussions about what home really means and how determination can lead us to where we really need to be – despite the detours and roadblocks we find (put) in our paths.


This book is a gem! Make it a part of your own library, your church, school, or public library. You’ll enjoy the story and the journey. I suspect after reading it, each reader will recall a few lovingly remembered animal stories of their own.


— Bethany Johnson, Social Worker